Kataluma orients and roots our vision and mission in these events and stories, as well as with the ancient encounter between …..
In two of the Gospel accounts, a kataluma is both the setting of Jesus’s birth (‘no room in the kataluma’ of Luke 2:7) as well as the eve of his death (the upper room kataluma of the last Passover supper of Mark 14:14).
Our purpose is found in our name, ‘kataluma’, a very old Greek word which refers to a guest lodge or guest room where visitors can lay down their load, be fed, sit for conversation, sleep, and prepare for the next stage of their journey. A kataluma was (usually) part of a home rather than a commercial inn or other more institutional forms of housing/lodging for migrants and travelers.


Our Vision

‘Seek the Welfare of the City’

Kataluma holds that the giving and receiving of well-ordered migration hospitality should benefit and be a natural part of the wider society. We aspire to see the increase of radical, relational hospitality for the shared benefit of refugee guests and the various people and groups who serve as hosts…

‘Love the stranger, for you were strangers’

We imagine our country and local communities can be humble, generous, open, and compassionate towards refugees and those who seek asylum. At the same time, we believe the care and love of one’s home and country is the best prerequisite for offering a good and wise welcome. Despite the dark, bloody injustices and failures of hospitality in our history, this love involves gratitude for and stewardship of the best of our cultural and legal heritage, our security, and of the land. We hope for a healthier, wiser society…


Our Mission

The primary, practical expression of our hospitality is to establish or support hospitality houses in the greater Boston area that provide safe, temporary, transitional lodgings for refugees and documented asylum seekers—especially new arrivals. These homes can also provide a setting for local residents and institutions to practice and develop our capacity for relationally rich hospitality.

Our main mission-provision comes through the three primary offerings of shelter, food, and friendship

❖ to provide or assist with finding safe and dignified lodgings.
❖ to enable food access, and to share meals together.
❖ to offer ‘social capital’ or friendship.

Who We Are

Current and recent guests include Haitians, Afghans, Ukrainians, Zimbabweans, South Sudanese, Kenyans, Hondurans, Dominicans, and others. These documented asylum seekers and government-sponsored refugees are helped by volunteers and staff, a Board of Directors, and other Advisors supplied and supported by local churches and the wider community.
Living out our vision and mission also depends upon our good cooperation and learning with other religious and civic groups, educational, legal, medical, and resettlement organizations, and government partners. We also welcome the counsel and leadership of current and former refugees. 

Meet Our Volunteers

Kataluma enjoys and depends upon the help of many volunteers. Chief among them are Natasha Smith, Jean Peteet, Syndey Kwan, Brian Demers, Desiree Tembo, and Joe O’Brien, and we’re grateful for the many more who are helping.

Meet Our Board And Officers

Ujunwa Anakwenze, our senior Board member, resides in NYC but has also lived in Nigeria, England, Alabama, and Boston. Her involvement with Kataluma is inspired by her own experiences as an immigrant and the biblical way of hospitality. She is currently studying to become a clinical psychologist with a focus on Black and immigrant populations, .…. Read More

Emma Becker, our Clerk, is a native of Vermont but has made her home in the greater Boston area since 2017 and works as a Publisher at Wiley Publishing. She is a member of Church of the Cross in Boston, Read More

Gregg Detwiler lives north of Boston and has been an advisor, consultant, and  team member for Kataluma from our early formation in 2016 to the present. He is the founding Director of Intercultural Ministries of Emmanuel Gospel Center, Boston, and currently serves as Sr. Consultant in intercultural ministry, leadership health, and organizational development.…. Read More

Bryan Weathers, our Treasurer, lives in Boston but has also lived in New Jersey, Djibouti, and Michigan. Bryan’s multiform experience includes business, ministry, government service, being a youth director, …. Read More

Gary Moorehead is Founder-Director of Kataluma. He was formerly a case manager for Refugee Immigration  Ministry in  Boston,  a program manager for Shelter For Life International and director of the Marigold Fund, Afghanistan where he worked on building homes and civic infrastructure with returning refugees. He later served on the staff of Matthew.... Read More

Luis Villalta has lived in Boston for twenty-four years but was born and lived the first eighteen years of his life in Puerto Rico.  Luis is a Test Development Engineer for Teradyne, Inc. – his brain power is a considerable asset…. Read More

Your Inquiries and Contributions Matter

If you have inquiries, a desire to contribute, or an interest in learning more about our work, we encourage you to reach out to us. Your engagement is valued, and we warmly welcome your interest and involvement in helping Kataluma to create a supportive community of hosts and guests! 

Support And Inquire

Though designated funds may be accepted by special arrangement, money raised goes towards the general program and operations fund.
We’d like to stay connected with you! Sign up here for periodic news, and email updates about needs we have as we are setting up.

KATLAUMA is an incorporate charity of the State of Massachusetts,
and is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization registered with the IRS.
Your donations are tax-deductible.

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